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Lot for Sale: 215 EAST NALLS ROAD

Lien Notification System for the City of Elizabethtown

Summer Movies Under the Stars
Movie Flyer

200-Foot Section of Woodland Drive to Close Sept. 22
Media Contact: Megan Blaney, Heartland Communications Consultants
(631) 431-3011 

New Interactive GIS Maps.

Downtown Design Guidelines

Annual Financial Report
The City of Elizabethtown's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2011 is available for viewing on the 'Downloads' page under the 'Other Documents/Reports' section.

Rental Income Info
Use the “Rental Income Question Tree” to determine if you are subject to the Net Profits License Fee Ordinance.

If you have determined you need a Business License, then click here to access the “Initial Application for Minimum License Fee”.