Natural Gas

Elizabethtown City Hall

Elizabethtown City Hall

Tap Fees
Inside City Limits $400
Outside City Limits $500
Meter Deposits
Residential $50
Commercial $100
Other Charges
After hours inspection $25
Contact the Gas Administrative Office for information on the availability of natural gas service and applicable fees.

Main extension estimates are available by request. Contact the Gas Administrative Office for details and estimated cost.

The Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department manages the City owned and operated natural gas distribution system, consisting of over 200 miles of distribution piping, serving approximately 8,000 customers in Hardin and Meade counties. The Natural Gas Department operates and maintains the gas system with the highest regard for the safety of the public, its customers, and its employees. The Natural Gas Department is staffed with 15 employees trained and experienced in instrumentation, inspection procedures, construction techniques, and management of natural gas system operations.

As a customer or someone who lives or works near our pipelines and facilities, your safety is our number one priority. To ensure this, the City has programs to monitor the natural gas distribution system including, but not limited to, regularly scheduled compliance inspections, leakage surveys, and corrosion control.

Services of the Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department include:

  • Inspection of new and replacement customer piping systems, appliances, and equipment free of charge (during normal hours)
  • 24-hour response service for emergencies, smelling of gas, or other customer concern calls (free of charge)
  • 24 hour service - 270-765-6121
  • Emergencies - 911
  • Before "U" Dig - 800-752-6007

Pipeline Identification

Gas Pipeline

To identify locations of underground piping and facilities in rural areas, pipeline markers are used. These markers are typically located at road and railroad crossings as well as along the pipeline right of ways.

The markers display:

  • The material transported in the line
  • The name of the pipeline operator
  • A 24-hour emergency telephone number

Marker Information

  • Does not show exact location of the line
  • Does not indicate depth
  • Does not indicate pipeline pressure

Call Before You Dig

Statistics indicate that damage from excavation related activities is the leading cause of pipeline accidents. If you are planning to excavate for any reason, follow these guidelines:

  1. Call Kentucky Underground Protection Inc. @ 1-800-752-6007 as the law requires
  2. Wait two business days after you call before digging
  3. If after two business days there are no markings, call the gas department to confirm that there are no natural gas lines in the vicinity of planned excavation at 270-765-6121
  4. Dig with care!

Protecting Your Gas Meter

Natural gas meters are located above ground. Because of this, meter piping is susceptible to dangers that buried piping may not be. Listed below are suggestions to better protect your meter loop.

  1. Keep any above ground piping painted
  2. Avoid planting landscape close to your meter loop. Roots can damage the coating on underground pipe. It can also restrict personnel from reading the meter and performing routine maintenance
  3. Avoid putting stress on your meter loops or attaching any metallic material to your meter loop because this can cause interference with cathodic protection
  4. Avoid placing the meter where it will be susceptible to third-party damage. Call the gas department concerning meter location, piping systems, and meter protections at 270-765-6121

Other Concerns

If your meter has been replaced due to routine maintenance and gas service left off, or if you suspect any problem, please call 270-765-6121 to have your service restored or to report your concerns.

Leak Recognition

Natural gas is colorless, odorless, and lighter than air. An odorant has been added giving it a very distinct smell so a leak can be readily detected. Other indicators of a possible natural gas leak include but are not limited to:

  • A hissing or roaring sound caused by escaping gas,
  • Dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area, or
  • Blowing dirt, grass, or leaves near the pipeline

Leak Response

  • Evacuate to an area upwind from the suspected leak immediately
  • Do not start motor vehicles or turn on electrical equipment including lights near the suspected leak
  • Do not light a match or create any other source of ignition
  • Warn others to stay away from the area
  • Call 911 to notify fire and police departments once you have reached a safe area
  • Call the City of Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department to report the possible leak at 270-765-6121