Elizabethtown City Hall

The Engineering Department is responsible for ensuring the quality of design and construction of new public facilities, and the maintenance and archiving of City utility records.

The quality of design and construction of new facilities is ensured through the process of plan review, construction inspection, and final acceptance of the facilities for public maintenance. These facilities include City streets, water, sanitary sewer and gas lines, sidewalks, drainage ways, and park facilities. The Engineering Department reviews improvement plans for new facilities prior to construction. Throughout the construction phase of the project, the Engineering Department performs inspections and approves the new construction upon completion.

The Engineering Department has developed a computerized Geographical Information System (GIS). The GIS contains topographic maps, utilities, zoning, and other information useful to residents, industry, developers, and City departments. Now, and increasingly in the future, a wide variety of information will be linked using its geographic location. Aerial photography used within the GIS has been recently updated (March 2007) to reflect growth and physical changes within our community.

For copies of available maps and other GIS services, contact Gerald Cole, GIS Administrator.

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