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Department of Stormwater Management
Position Type:
Full Time
This is a responsible position involving technical, managerial, professional, administrative, and public relations skills. This position assists the Director of Stormwater Management with technical oversight of the stormwater program, project management, hydraulic and hydrologic design, direct daily management and supervision of the Engineering Technician and the Stormwater Management Operations crew, reporting, and maintenance activities of the City. Under the supervision of the Director of Stormwater Management, exercise substantial independent drive and initiative for the successful accomplishment of department goals and tasks. This position requires work in the office and outdoors. Communicate work activities and project status to the Director daily. Computer aided design and drafting, stormwater modeling and design, and manual drafting are mandatory. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Professional, AutoCad, HEC software, and Haested Pond Pack/Culvertmaster/Flowmaster is helpful.

Under the Director of Stormwater Management, perform responsible civil engineering design for stormwater improvements. Actively plan and manage stormwater projects. Perform subdivision plan and site development plan review. Assist in the inspection of subdivisions, developments, and new and existing infrastructure (e.g. detention basins, ditches, piping systems, general drainage, etc.). Perform surveying for new and existing infrastructure. Prepare engineering plans and cost estimates.Direct contractors and control construction projects. Reconcile project pay requests. Project scheduling and progress flow charting. Assist in the management of the local National Flood Insurance Program. Assist in management of the Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) Phase 2 program. Conduct tests on new and existing infrastructure. Respond to drainage complaints. Purchasing materials and equipment for in-house projects and departmental use. Communicate verbally and in writing to other City personnel and contractors, developers, and the public. Assist in GIS maintenance and update of stormwater map information in both paper and computerized formats. Permitting and coordination with state and federal regulators. Perform other work as assigned.

1. Degree in Civil Engineering or a combination of significant technical and construction experience with a high school diploma or equivalent GED.

2. Must be pursuing PE licensure. Shall possess evidence of the appropriate degree, successful FE (EIT) testing, etc.

3. Possess a valid Kentucky Drivers License.

4. Ability to read, write legibly, and communicate effectively in English.

5. Ability to follow written and oral directions and instructions.

6. Resident of and agree to reside in Hardin County, Kentucky.

7. Physically capable of performing essential job functions.

8. Computer literate.

9. Ability to meet and communicate with the public in an effective and tactful manner.

10. Neat in appearance, of good moral character, and not convicted of a felony crime.

11. Pass drug screening test


The duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements or duties does not exclude other work that may be required.

1. Perform specific duties as defined in “Example of duties”.

2. Lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

3. Operate GPS and conventional surveying equipment.

4. Utilize engineering plans and maps.

5. Prepare engineering plans, maps, and drawings using CAD software and manual methods.

6. Use computer-based design software to perform civil engineering design and hydraulic and hydrological analysis.

7. Physically access work zones to inspect construction of stormwater improvements and other related infrastructure.

8. Perform other duties as assigned.

9. Work hours other than office hours as required.
Additional Comments:
The City of Elizabethtown is accepting applications for the full-time position of Assistant Stormwater Engineer. Position performs responsible civil engineering design for stormwater improvements and plans and actively manages stormwater projects. Starting salary $50,000 to $60,000, depending on qualifications.

Completed applications and resumes may be returned to: City of Elizabethtown, Attn: Robert Bush, PE, Director of Stormwater Management, 200 West Dixie Avenue, P.O. 550, Elizabethtown, KY 42702 or by email at

A complete job description is available upon request.

Equal Opportunity Employer